The best classrooms have an awesome learning culture. We think of our organization as one large classroom, where each of us is a student trying to learn from & teach one another. We have all sorts of people here: humanists, tech junkies, educationists, designers & wanna be designers! Most importantly, we are all students! Right across the team. from engineering to product, community to classroom, we think of how we’d feel if we were students – and this reminds us to keep learning and growing!

Taking an analogy from the gaming world, edtech so far consists of single player games designed only for access but not engagement & retention. The only actions one can take is content consumption and practice via multiple choice questions. We, on the contrary, think education is an immersive multiplayer experience!

If our children are going to learn online we will have to make it social. That’s how learning happens best! We think we’re amongst the first few companies in the world trying to push the boundaries of edtech to a new era of highly social & community driven learning!

PS : We believe that we need to hire people who are toughened by failure, not those coddled by success.

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  • Abhishek Kumar

    Content Lead

    “ I love working at Openhouse. It's been a year, and it still feels new and exciting. The team here is like family, and we believe in the same values and principles that Openhouse stands for. Plus, there's just never a boring day. ”

  • Raghav Lal

    Relationship Manager

    “ Working with Openhouse has honestly been the most fun and engaging experience I've had so far. There's something new to learn every day from your colleagues and friends. Looking forward to changing the education system in India, one step at a time! ”

oh. the faces you'll see

meet our team

  • Akshay Rampuria


  • Yashovardhan Poddar


  • Sandeep Bantia

    All things tech.

  • Deepika Bajaj

    Growth Lead

  • Mayank Gupta

    Supply Lead

  • Edwin Daniel

    Demand Lead

  • Mahesh Medlari

    People & Culture

  • Ankur Jalan

    Senior Software Engineer

  • Bipasha Choudhury

    Product Manager

  • Shruti Sekhsaria

    Product Manager

  • Abhishek Kumar

    Content & Branding

  • Hemavathi Saklaspur

    General Manager

  • Subhechha Chatterjee

    Product Analyst

  • Anisha Karaumbiah

    Community Lead

  • Sourav Purkait

    Software Engineer

  • Aayushmaan Narsaria

    Front-end Developer

  • Medha Narayanan

    Learning Design & Innovation

  • Varun Mehra

    Digital Marketing

  • Shreya Vishwanath


  • Suryansh Sodhani


  • Harshita Nevatia


  • Zaid Ashraf


  • Aastha Bhandari


  • Debashree Ghoshal

    Customer Service

  • Medha Datar


  • Abhivyakti Dixit

    Openhouse Clubs

  • Raghav Lal

    Relationship Manager

  • Divyansh Agarwal


  • Shankhadeep Bhadra

    Software Engineer

  • Sristi Chanda


  • Avikant Bhardwaj

    Educational R&D

  • Sweta Poddar